History & Legality of Rangefinders

Many ranging devices are introduced till the date. All of these devices are used to measure the distance between the observer and his target. There are several types’ ranging devices and all of them apply a different technique to measure the distance. Since the introduction of the very first ranging device, the rangefinders have been used for targeting distant objects. It was an important device for the militaries during the world war-II. It has helped several soldiers in estimating the location of the enemies and killing them. The engineers have tried to improve the performance of the ranging devices by introducing new ranging techniques.

Today, the rangefinders are used in several fields. For example, people use rangefinders in golfing, hunting, shooting and also for measuring the construction sites and other areas. Various high-tech rangefinders are available in the market for common users. Of course, you can buy an impressive rangefinder at affordable prices. Buying these ranging devices was not such an easy task in the past. It was available for the army personnel. Later, some companies have evolved new ranging techniques and introduced some more ranging devices. So, let’s reveal complete details regarding the history and legality of rangefinders.

The history of rangefinders

History and Legality of Rangefinders

The ranging technology has evolved since the introduction of the first rangefinder. The basic type of rangefinder was developed by Scottish company Barr and Stroud in the 1880s. This device was the basic version of a ranging device, which later evolved and turned into a very essential ranging gadget. There were two types’ optical rangefinders during the old age, first was the coincidence rangefinder and another was stereoscopic rangefinder.

The cameras of old age were equipped with coincidence rangefinders, which were used for surveillance and surveying. These devices were equipped with an arrangement of lenses and prisms on the both ends of the device and the eyepiece was located at the center. The user used to correct the position of parallax to view the objects and estimate their distance. The user used to determine the range of the objects by calculating the angles created by the line of the sight at the both ends of the ranging device. If the angle is small, the object is located at far distances and if the angle is large, the object is located at close distance. That’s how the coincidence rangefinders were used by the users. These types’ rangefinders were widely used by the armies during the 2nd world war.

Development of laser rangefinders

Many experts were working on the laser technology during the early 20th century. Experts, who were looking for a better technology for ranging devices, had evolved the first laser rangefinder during 1965. It was a major development in ranging technology because laser rangefinders were capable of providing perfect measurement in comparison to coincidence rangefinders. Consequently, all the coincidence ranging devices were replaced by the laser rangefinders. The laser rangefinders were also used in many military applications. Today, this device is used in many other fields like golfing, hunting, construction and so on.

The ranging technique of the laser rangefinder is quite similar to radar technology. The radar calculates distance by evaluating time taken by the emitted electromagnetic waves and receiving the reflected waves from the objects. The laser rangefinder emits laser beams instead of electromagnetic waves and calculates the distance by applying the same logic.

Legality of rangefinders in golfing

Golf is probably one of the oldest games in this world. This game has a rich history of 700. Many things changed in this game from the balls to the club technology. The laser rangefinders have been an integral part of this game since 1950’s. Just like the sniper team, the golfers also play their shot by measuring the distance, wind and gravity. The first rangefinder for golf was introduced in 1955 by Bushnell. Today also Bushnell is the largest manufacturer of golf rangefinders in the world.

Many newbie golfers want to know that they can use rangefinders in golf or not. Well, the advanced ranging devices were not allowed in golf according to rule 14-3. The players were not able to use the devices, which were showing measurements of distance, wind and gravity. This rule was changed during 2006 and the USGA has now allowed golfers to use only the ranging devices. This rule was first applied in the American golf courses and in 2014 it has been applied all around the world.

Apart from golfing, the rangefinders are widely used by the hunters. Hunting becomes quite easier, when you use the rangefinder to calculate hunt’s distance from your location. The modern rangefinders offer many other details along with the distance. These vital details make hunting quite easier for the hunters and allow them to target more preys. The laser rangefinder is a sophisticated device that can be used for measuring distance under any sort of condition. This is how it has evolved from a basic surveying device to a sophisticated ranging equipment.

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