Bushnell Tour V4 Rangefinder Review

Many rangefinder companies are stiffly competing against one another in the market, with each trying to offer something extra to give it a competitive edge.

However, not every unique feature you find in a rangefinder is helpful in keeping a golfer satisfied in the course. The models that stand out are the ones which offer innovative features that maximize range finding accuracy.

Bushnell did a good job in the construction of Bushnell Tour V4 Rangefinder. This model is a great improvement over the previous models and offer a high level of accuracy just like a golfer would want it.  

From its simple control system to the fast focus, this rangefinder is easy to use. This obviously gives you ample time to concentrate more on the game than trying to find the range.

Easy to Use

Turning the slope function on and off can be a little time consuming for the first time, but after a few uses, you will have mastered it.

Other than just that, this rangefinder has every vital feature put into place for a successful range finding result. What impresses me even further about this equipment is that you don’t go through stress to make deliver what you want.

Fast Focus System

One of the best speed I’ve ever come across. It features fast focus system that provides maximum convenience. Like you could have noticed, the speed at which the Tour V4 picks up the targets and filters out background objects has improved and continues to improve within the Bushnell family of rangefinders.

It achieves all this at a speed that will blow your mind. This means that no delays, a quality that makes it an excellent choice for tournaments.

Single Control Button

The V4 only have one button that is used for all of its controls. The button controls everything in the rangefinder. This makes things a lot easier for you in the process, especially since you need to focus more on playing golf.

The button you use to shoot the target is the same one you use to choose the mode of operation. The button is strategically placed to allow for easy access whenever you need to change modes.

Revamped Focus Mechanism

Bushnell has refurbished the focus mechanism to help sustain the previous models. On the V3 and other previous models, you had to the eyepiece to make sure the shot is in focus.

That has changed with the V4. New for this model is a single slide focus that you can easily do with just one finger. What is even more impressive about this feature is that while gathering distance, you can effortlessly shift the focus slide with your index finger, hence providing a quicker path to precise viewing.

Stabi-Grip Technology

The Tour V4 features an ergonomic design with Stabi Grip technology. These features contribute to its portability, making it easy to carry around on the course.

Together with its handy size and lightweight, this rangefinder is designed to give you a stress-free control and use. It can fit into your pocket, and you might not even notice that it’s there. What more could a golfer ask for if not this innovatively designed piece of technology?

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  • Objects appear five times closer
  • One button controls everything
  • Single slide focus
  • Jolt technology
  • Properly picks up the intended target


  • Some people think it’s too small

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there V4 non-slope edition like with other models?

A: Just like the Tour series in the past, the Tour V4 comes in both non-slope and slope edition.

Q: What is its size compared to the Tour V3?

A: The V4 is 30 percent smaller than the previous generation.

Q: Is it waterproof too?

A: The rangefinder is rainproof, but not entirely waterproof.

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Final Verdict

The reason why I trust this rangefinder to provide extraordinary performance in giving accurate readings is that it features a variety of innovative features. It is clearly a product of technology at its best. This is one of the best rangefinders of the reputable Bushnell.

The moment you own this model you realize how much your game is made better. The accuracy of your shots are enhanced, the rangefinder itself is classy and stylish for a stylish golfer.

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