Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinders Review

Sometimes, for you to be able to select the right rangefinder for your outdoor activities, you must first know the most fundamental purposes that it’s supposed to serve.

There are lots of amazing models designed for golfing, even though some models are always better than others.

Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinders is one of the rangefinders that many golfers have praised for its design and accuracy. Some of the reasons they give for liking it include its ease of use and elegance.

A friend of mine who own this model say that it is a durable rangefinder that no harsh weather condition can damage. Now, because golfing it done in the open glare of burning sun, and sometimes under the rain, it will save you a lot of trouble.

Ergonomic Design

The design of this rangefinder offers great contribution to its general performance in providing accurate distance provision.

Largely, it is its ergonomic design and stable grip that allows you to hold it comfortable in your hands as you try to spot that golf ball, flag, or any other object on the course.

With all the other activities you engage yourself in on the course, your rangefinder should give you easy time so that you can concentrate more on playing golf.


Being a largely outdoor activity, golf is often interrupted by rain, but only if there are delicate gadgets involved. This rangefinder is rainproof, and can be used to determine actual distances of objects on the course come rain come sunshine.

No game has to be interrupted just because it’s raining and you don’t want to expose some equipment to destruction. Constructed with a highly protective outer case, this gadget still gives accurate readings in extreme weather conditions.

Pin Seeker Technology

Everything about this rangefinder ensures that you get only accurate readings, besides making your viewing easier. It boasts Pin Seeker Technology with JOLT technology that makes it possible to zero in on the flag.

Jolt vibration is activated when you trigger the pin seekers. This is one of the innovative characteristics of this gadget, and which adds great value to it. I’m glad so many users have praised it for its inventive features, which only make me realize I’m not the only one seeing its greatness.

5 Times Magnification

With 5x magnification and 24mm objective, your images are entirely visible, with a pretty impressive clarity. Whether you are playing in the full glare of sunshine, on in the evening when the light has become dim, this rangefinder is made to work under both of these situations.

This magnification is better than what most rangefinders provide and keeps it above the rest. The images are very clear, and no matter the distance, you can spot the flag without must trouble.

Maximum Accuracy

It can find ranges between 10 to 1000 yards, and 300 yards to flag with an accuracy of plus or minus one yard. Though it might not be the most accurate rangefinder in the market, I don’t see why I can’t consider it one of the most accurate rangefinders.

It provides ranges within a very large distance, which makes it a really good choice for professional golfers who want nothing but to come out victorious.

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  • Stable grip
  • Rainproof case
  • Two year warranty
  • Maximum accuracy
  • Encompasses technology


  • Lacks top tier features

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the ranging performance of this Tour V3?

A: It’s between 5 yards to 1000 yards ranging performance and 400+ yards to the flag.

Q: What it the battery voltage? Is battery life good?

A: The rangefinder comes with 3-volt battery included. When fully charged, the battery will last you longer hours of constant use, though you’ll have to replace or recharge it at some point.

Q: Does it have a carrying case?

A: It comes with a premium carrying case that is of excellent quality.

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Final Verdict

This is an amazing piece of technology. It will impress you with its looks to the way it performs. It is, of course, a classy rangefinder, decent enough to carry around when playing in an important tournament. The rangefinder is legal for tournament play.

Any you can also use it for playing professional games. I can’t find a better way to find the actual distances of the subjects on the course than this. I would advise anyone who wants to get a new rangefinder to try it out.

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