How to use a Golf GPS Rangefinder

With many options currently available to improve the skills, golf rangefinders have moved the game to a whole new level. In fact, the best way to improve your game is by using golf rangefinders. While this is critical for new golfers who are faced with a lot of challenges, professional golfers also use them to enhance their shots. Currently, there are two types of rangefinders namely the Laser and GPS rangefinder. It’s tough to determine which one is good as both of them have great functionalities which are unique to each other. However, for amateur golfers, the Laser type is not only easy to use but also cost efficient. The choice depends on the needs.

How to use a golf GPS rangefinder

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Just like its name, the GPS rangefinder uses GPS. While its accuracy is compromised, it is very convenient. Furthermore, with the ongoing subscription, is often very expensive. But due to its versatility, it’s suitable for the pro golfers. If you are using it for the first time, you might face a lot of challenges on how to use it effectively. If you use its full potential, it could do a great job. The first step is to look for a great device and then set it well. Here is how to use GPS rangefinder.

A golf GPS rangefinder could only work well if you use it to its full potential. First, you need to purchase a top quality device and then effectively do the settings.

Here are the primary functions with brief descriptions which you must know before using a golf GPS rangefinder.

  • First, for every rangefinder, you should pay a subscription fee. You can do this monthly, bi-annually or even annually. This is for the costs that you will incur while downloading the maps on your devices. This means to set up your device you must perform this function since it involves such devices.
  • Once you have done this, you need to load the golf field course over your device. You could download the map from your house to help you save on the time.
  • Since all the golf holes are locked, it’s important to select and lock a specific hole which you intend to play next. This will assist you to know and decide what to do next. This feature is important to understand because it will help you play accurately and use the rangefinder exactly the way it’s supposed to be used.
  • Many such devices will mainly display the instructions such as the slope in the way, the wind speed and the distance of the flag. All these details play a significant role in assisting you to play a great golf shot with a lot of accuracies because you will be able to choose the apt club.

If you are playing a scramble game or some tournament, then you can pick the holes manually. You will find the reading displayed on the screen of every hole that you set and want to play. Since this process is very easy, you can get used to it within a very short time. Using GPS rangefinder not only helps you to achieve your objectives but also lowers the probability of missing the target.

It’s, however, critical to ensure that the directions and the functions can be found on all devices. There are also some complex features which are hard to find in many simpler items. It’s, therefore, important for both the professional and amateur golfers to choose the GPS according to their needs.

If you require a more advanced rangefinder with a greater accuracy and more features in determining the measurements and the distance then you need to choose the ones that satisfy your needs well. Otherwise, using a simpler one can work just well according to the necessary requirements. More so, it can also help you play the game as a pro.

Tips to using it

Before using the GPS rangefinder, you need to confirm the availability of the mappings on your GPS golf courses.

You also need to check the local rules on the use of GPS rangefinders in handicap rounds and club tournaments. Since Laser rangefinder is a bit complicated, before settling for it, you need to confirm whether your local golf course has reflectors to help you in measuring the distance.

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