Top Tips & Tricks to Maintain the Lens of Golf Rangefinder


The lens is one of the essential equipment for golf rangefinder. Without the lens, it is not possible to locate the range. So, that lens has to be quietly efficient and powerful. Then, first of all, a rangefinder want a top conditioned and long-lasting lens. It is very clear that then this lens should be maintained carefully. Avoid from dropping lens and keep away from direct light is very important. Again cleaning, erasing stains, repairing and cover up can keep lens safe and long lasting. These are some top tips and tricks to maintain the lens of golf rangefinder. Many do not know about these simple tricks. That’s why they face many problems. This article is written about the proper uses of this lens and how to increase its longevity. Let’s know details about these.

Keeping Safe

The delicate rangefinder has more sensitive lens. Any hit or dropping on the ground can damage a lens. So, almost every golfer tries to follow some top tips and tricks. No, they are not too tough. But very easy task. First of all, don’t hit the product against the sturdy surface. Hopefully, you think it is totally impossible for you. No, you will do this consciously. Most often it is done unconsciously. Another reason is dropping from the top. But know what is the solution? This is safe on the sturdy and even surface. In this case, another safe trick is keeping away from edges. These make harder to drop or hit the lens.

Keeping Away from Direct Sunlight

Keeping the rangefinder away from direct light is another top tips and tricks to maintain the lens of golf rangefinder. Probably you know that your rangefinder lens is ultra-violet ray sensitive. Therefore, direct sunlight is not good for your lens. That’s why this lens needs protection from direct sunlight. The excess ultra-violet ray attacks the glass and damages the lens. It is wise to keep away lens from direct sunlight while not using the lens. Thus this rangefinder lens may be long lasting. If you are a professional golfer its not recommended to put your rangefinder on the golf push cart.

top tips and tricks to maintain the lens of golf rangefinder


Whenever you want the best service from a lens rangefinder, please clean it after a regular interval. It is the best tricks. If you don’t clean a lens regularly, dust will be set on it. Sometimes they hardly remove. So, it is wise to clean regularly. Any kind of cloth cannot be used for cleaning purposes. A clean velvet cloth with pure alcohol is very much effective for cleaning purposes. It sounds very normal but it is very effective.

Erasing Stains

It is the best to use a dry velvet cloth to dust off the rangefinder lens. Moreover, during some case, the stubborn stain might find its way on the lens. Use a wet velvet cloth with pure alcohol to get rid of the stain. Make it regular that you are erasing dust on a regular basis. A soft brush can be used instead of a velvet cloth. Again photographic tissue is also available to your hand for cleaning purposes. There is no chance to think that this top tips and tricks to maintain the lens of golf rangefinder are an easy task. You have to use the exact tools for a definite work. Otherwise, there will be the scratch on the lens which become harmful for the lens.


Almost every equipment needs repairing. Otherwise, it hardly lasts long. As a result, repairing is another top tips and tricks to maintain the lens of golf rangefinder. You can do this if you are quite experienced. But it is strongly recommended that you let a professional get the job on your behalf. It may cost a fee but if there is any problem with your rangefinder lens, it will cost more. Therefore, the safest way is to visit an expert.

Cover Up

Many rangefinders consider covering up is another important top tips and tricks to maintain the lens of golf rangefinder. It can protect your lens from excessive light and other aspects of weather such as water, dust etc. Again, it can protect your lens from any small attack. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use a cover any time that you are not using a lens. This will also make you smarter.


Only a golf rangefinder knows the importance of this lens. So, he never wants the damages of this lens. Some top tips and tricks to maintain the lens of golf rangefinder can make this lens long lasting. These are not too hard but need to be conscious. Many golfers hardly miss this tips and tricks. At the end, it is very clear that these tips can make your golfing more comfortable. Probably, it will make your range finding easier.

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