Tectectec VPRODLX Golf Range Finder Review

Holding the VPRODLX just gives you the feel of a premium product; the size, its carry back, and the design are on point.

The range finder has a comparable degree of performance to its appearance. It measures up to 550 meters with an accuracy of plus or minus one meter and up to 1000 meters on reflective objects.

It uses high sensitivity PinSensor technology in its flag seeker mode to give the accurate measurement to the pin. The through the lens display provides super clear images and distance measurement.

This range finder comes with a free, durable battery; you can go for several rounds of gaming without recharging. It also is waterproof, and you won’t have to worry about the weather. The clarity of objects is enhanced with its 6x magnification.

This is a magnificent range finder, and although some people say it is too early to give a conclusive judgment, basing on the reputation of the manufacturer from its previous products, this is a great one given that it has new features.


The VPRODLX is a long distance range finder with high accuracy. The specs indicate that it measures up to 600 yards with an accuracy of +/- one yard but using it in the field shows that it can measure longer, especially on a clear day. To any golfer, this is a desirable feature.

Flag Seeker

The flag seeker mode is another feature that impresses me in this device. In this mode, you can obtain the pin accurately since it is designed to work even with objects in the background that hinder visibility. Any pool of water or hip of sand or anything similar will not be a bother. Its 6x magnification also improves the visibility of the pin.

Ultra Clear Optics

It uses high-tech optics to improve accuracy and clarity of the viewed field. The through the lens display provides clear readings with the continuous scanning. They clearly used more advanced technology as compared to their previous VPRO500. In this section, I will give five stars.

Long Battery Life

One of the things that is annoying when it comes to mobile electronic devices is running out of charge; they even seem to become heavier when drained. With the VPRODLX that is not the case, when fully charged the battery will take you for many numbers of hours than you would anticipate.

Waterproof And Easy To Use

The waterproof design of this range finder is a plus, quite sometimes I been in the field at it starts to rain; I have no worry more. This range finder is easy to use. All you need to know is how to switch between the two modes, and you are good to go.

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  • Small and light, designed to be comfortable on hand
  • Waterproof, it can be used even when its raining
  • Long range measurement and accurate
  • Continuous scanning with clear on lens display
  • Nice casing for easy carrying


  • Some people will find it costly
  • It doesn’t provide for how to play in different slopes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will its clarity be in misty conditions?

A: That will depend on the degree of mist, but according to a one time experience in slightly misty weather it worked fine, but not best

Q: Can it be used for other purposes other than golf?

A: Yes, you can use it anywhere else when you need to measure distance. I’m planning to go hunting with it.

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Final Verdict

This range finder is a great product and one that I am happy to have, although I haven’t stayed with for that long, for it has been great.

Its accuracy is particularly impressive, for the better part, it has always been 100% accurate. The continuous scanning mode and its very clear display is awesome.

Generally speaking, this is a top notch finder with full functionality, most times I’ve bought the product, and they don’t always perform to the point indicated by the manufacturer, but this has worked very much as specified.

If you are looking to buy a rangefinder, this is a good choice that will never disappoint you. 

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