Taking Care of Your Golf Rangefinder is not that Hard

If you have played golf before or you usually play golf then you may have heard about the golf range finder. This device looks like a camcorder except that golfers use it to determine the distance to specific points on a golf course. It is an equally important tool to have just like a golf club.

Technology and Engineering has invested a lot of time and resources just to come up with a sophisticated golf rangefinder that can give a golfer a touch of experience and accurate results when it comes to finding the exact distance despite how woody the golf course is.

Most of the golf range finders have a pre-installed GPS which makes it way accurate in determining the distance and cold. They don’t come cheap, and once you purchase one for yourself, then you have to take care of it in order to serve you for a long time. There are three essential parts in the golf range finder that need extra care. Those are the body, the lens, and the batteries. So below is the guide on how to take care of the body and the batteries of a golf range finder.

Take care of your golf rangefinder

How to keep the body part in good shape

The golf range finder is a fragile tool that needs extra care when it comes to handling it and storage as well. The body is lustered and it is the most sensitive part of it. A simple fall and that is the beginning of a journey to the uselessness of the device. If you are not using the gadget, make sure that you store it in a flat, safe place where chances of falling are zero. Avoid placing the device on edge surfaces.

It is pretty obvious that golf is an outdoor game. Meaning that you golf range finder is exposed to a lot of foreign objects. The weather to can be unpredictable. All of these make the gadget so vulnerable to destructions. Dust and moisture are the number one things that can come in contact with your golf range finder. It is always advisable that you use a soft cloth when cleaning the golf range finder. Make sure that you place it on top of a table cover with a towel just to avoid it from coming in contact with the surface of the table hence getting bruised. The table also ensures that the device won’t fall and get a dent.

When buying a golf range finder, they always provide you with a safe bag that you will be using to store it when you are not using the gadget. This bag protects it against any damage. The kit should contain shock absorber linings to contain any pressure.

Avoid any contact with water even if one of its features is its waterproof. Always use a soft dry cloth to wipe out the water as fast as you can. It will ensure a longer life of your range finder.

How to keep the batteries in good conditions

A range finder with a longer battery life is what every golfer wants. Always consider turning the range finder on only when you want to use it. Otherwise keep it turned off at all times. Always check the type of a golf rangefinder you own. Some automatically turn off when they are inert others don’t.

Do not expose your batteries to extreme temperature changes. Store them at the right temperature levels so as to improve the battery life.

Always make sure that the battery terminals are inserted correctly at all times. Ignorance is expensive and so are the batteries of the rangefinder. In case you have no idea on how to insert the batteries correctly then consider asking someone who knows to help you out or read the manual that comes with the golf range finder. If all fail, the internet and mostly YouTube can be a perfect training ground for you to learn how to insert a battery correctly. There are tons of tutorials that explain how to do that.

If you are a seasonal kind of a golfer then it is always a good practice to completely remove the batteries from the golf range finder. Inside the batteries are chemical compositions. Foreign deposits might as well get deposited on the terminals of the battery thereby coating the terminals. It will, in turn, render the battery weak as time goes by. The chemical leak from the cells could also damage your range finder. This will give you stresses that are uncalled for in case you have a game on the weekend but then you have to repair your golf range finder instead of you being on the field practicing for the tournament.

Short circuiting is another cause of short-lived batteries. It also damages the rangefinder since it is an electronic device made up of chips and transistors and fuses. Short circuiting can occur in many different ways.

When replacing or removing the batteries, in case they are stuck, don’t try using a knife to pull them out because they will damage the terminals or the body of the battery. Use a wooden stick or a toothpick instead.

You should only use a wooden scraper to remove the chemical coating on the terminals of the battery. It will help keep the terminals safe. Coca-cola is a good cleaning agent of those coatings that have refused to come out. Use a soft cotton wool dipped inside the drink.

Lastly, keep your range finder out of reach of children. It is widely known that children are innocently destructive and they may drop or dip the range finder into a liquid. This will damage the entire device.


Golf range finders are very great tools when it comes to golfing. They are very expensive and delicate as well. Sticking and following the above guidelines on how to take care of the body and batteries of golf rangefinder will save you a lot of money to repair or maybe even to acquire a new golf rangefinder. Just like Christians abide by the Bible, so should you do the same when it comes to the above guidelines and you will enjoy the longer life that your golf rangefinder is going to serve you in your golf career.

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