Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder Review

Is there a person out there who is looking for the best rangefinder and is just finding acquainted with the sport? Simmons 801600 volt laser rangefinder is convenient for you.

It is almost impossible to go wrong with this Simmons model of a rangefinder. The product combines all of the essential basics at an amazingly affordable price.

The release gives rave reviews non-stop, especially since the rangefinder brand, in this case, has a name meant for well-set precision.

The high magnification of about 4x is more than enough for those who are beginners. The unique design characterized by a tightly compacted vertical layout enables this device to have a breeze to bring anywhere.

Within its bold capacity, the gadget contains powerful LCD visual display incorporated with it. The optics technology used to design this tool is exceptionally very bright and crystal clear, which is astonishing for its price range.

It is also protected well from poor weather situations. Overall, this model of the rangefinder boasts accessibility and efficiency compared to other models available out there.

Upright Vertical Design

The Simmons 801600 volt laser rangefinder model has a standard design of about 600 4*20mm which is the right posture best suited for its operation.

For this product, the design is made hairsplitting, extremely accurate with the right precision and much more importantly the machine is made very simple to enable you to have an easy time to use or operate it.

The vertical configuration also gives the tool the standard positioning for the proper and maximum field of view.

Bold Capacity

The amazing Simmons model of the rangefinder is constructed well with a large capacity sufficient enough to meet the required coverage, give the right precision and even contributes to its recommendable accuracy. The incredible size is also convenient for the user handling and easy maintenance.

Simple Button Operation

The product is designed by great experts who considered the convenience of the users greatly. In the design, you can imagine it only has a single button that controls the entire operation of the device.

The feature is meant to make work easier for you and offer increased comfort when operating such wonderful rangefinder Simmons model. Get one for your ranger activities and enjoy all the technology and amazing luxury of this product.

Standard Measurements

The design of this Simmons rangefinder instrument is calibrated in internationally acceptable units which are either in yards or meters. The units are highly suitable, reliable, and simple to understand the mode of measurements.

The entire calibration is enhanced by the LCD visual devices which give out their readings in the very units. The display provides exact distance to your target located within 10-600 yards away implying the instrument is powerful enough.

Powerful And Sturdy Housing

The gadget is made up of a nice and strongly weather resistant housing body to enable you still have successful range sports even in adverse weather conditions. The design of the model provides an unparallel advantage that is convenient to have you carry the commodity with a lot of ease.

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  • It is easy to carry.
  • The instrument is simple to operate.
  • It has high accuracy.
  • It has wide field of view
  • Works well in various weather conditions.


  • Needs an expert to repair or service

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find the UPC code for this measuring device?

A: It is available on the bottom of its box.

Q: Are batteries included in this model of a rangefinder and if not then which type of batteries do they take?

A: No, they are not included they do use a 9-volt battery.

Q: What is the minimum yardage can this instrument read accurately?

A: It reads as low as 5 yards.

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Final Verdict

The Simmons 801600 volt laser rangefinder model belongs to an innovative class of technology which has been evolving over a long period. It falls among the handheld gadgets which are useful for working in a variety of conditions.

The system of the model itself emerged more than one hundred years ago where it was mainly primarily adapted alongside the use of cameras.

But in recent decades, these helpful devices have been utilized well for unique performance in a variety of fields today

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Jewel - April 30, 2017

This laser rangefinder is very useful and helpful for my hunting hour…I like this very much…thanks


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