Nikon Coolshot 20 Review

When it comes to quality optics, Nikon is among the most reputable brand that you should trust. They offer excellent products that will meet your viewing needs.

The Nikon COOLSHOT 20 is the most compact and lightest model of the Nikon Golf product line. This easy to use handheld tool can provide you quick and accurate measurements of up to 550 yards.

With its Target priority technology and 8-second continuous scanning, this little rangefinder still packs powerful features. Like each Nikon golf laser rangefinder, the COOLSHOT 20 is rainproof.

Additional features include assured accuracy, awesome clarity, and graphics; it is light and durable, and it will determine the range of any object within sight including its environment i.e. bunkers, trees, doglegs, etc.

Small In Size

The Nikon COOLSHOT 20 is just 4.4 ounces and delivers big on precision. This handheld tool can fit comfortably in any pocket or golf bag. Therefore, it can be used on every shot. Despite its size, the Nikon coolshot 20 is the most compact model of the Nikon golf line.

Efficient And Accurate

The Nikon COOLSHOT 20 gives you the distance of the closest targeted object amongst many objects such as a flagstick amongst many trees in the background. Its 6x monocular Nikon optical technology provides clear and detailed images and allows you to see what lies in the targeted object’s environment. It also provides 8-second continuous measurement allowing quick and easy ranging of multiple objects.

For eyeglass wearers, the Nikon COOLSHOT 20 has the long eye relief feature which assures easy viewing and makes it comfortable using the tool.

Wide Temperature Tolerance

Wide temperature tolerance:  for extreme weather reliability (14F-122F). Rainproof:  to give you the chance to finish the round when inclement weather arrives. Ready when you are, does not require charging before the outing. Long life battery life enhanced with battery indicator and auto shutoff to reduce the amount of power that could have been wasted in its idle mode.

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  • Allows you to see the targets environment i.e. what lies behind it, ahead of it, below it and above it with clearly defined Nikon graphics.
  • First Target Priority technology identifies the flagstick quickly and accurately distinguishing it from its background.
  • Nikon packs 6-550 yard ranging capability making it the most compact golf rangefinder in the market. It is very effective.
  • It allows quick measurements to multiple targets (press and release the power button for 8-second measurement scanning).
  • Long life battery life enhanced with battery indicator and auto shutoff saves you a lot of time which could have been used in charging the battery before the outing.
  • Rainproof to allow you to finish the round when inclement weather arrives.


  • It is expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My coolshot did not come with instructions

A: Look through view finder. Press button as you put x on the flag (or the spot). Get a readout. Practice on your neighbor’s house, a tree, or a wall. Not hard at all.

Q: is it easy to use?

A: Very easy to use and fits perfectly in your hand.

Q: I have a RF that works well with pins that have reflectors but not so well when there is no reflector. What kind of performance does this have?

A: Still works without a reflector, especially less than 240 yards or so. Further, than that, it is more difficult to get a good number (though still possible). The more expensive RFs from Bushnell work better at those ranges but also cost a ton more. Overall, the Cool shot is a good buy.

Q: Can it measure distance in range practice-the length of the flight and landing of the ball?

A: Yes. It can measure the distance to about anything you point it at.

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Final Verdict

The clarity of NIKON Nikon Coolshot 20 is unmistakably clearer than many other brand rangefinders. It is light and picks up on any object you attempt to reach.

It also reads bunker distances, water hazards, etc. It is a wonderful product to serious golfers out there or any golfers looking to be the best or anyone looking to start out with a reliable and affordable rangefinder; this is the best for you.

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