NIKON 8397 ACULON Rangefinder Review

Nikon is widely known for the quality of their products. The NIKON 8397ACULON  Rangefinder not only manages to pack in all the required features but also does so at a very competitive price as well.

This rangefinder is designed with ease of use in mind and sports a compact design which makes it a very practical choice for people who are always on the go.

The company has also put their expertise with optics to good use as this rangefinder features multilayer coatings designed to enhance light transmittance. The most evident feature of this rangefinder performs out in the field.

TheNikon 83297 Aculon Laser Rangefinder has several features that make it distinct from other cameras within its range:


This camera has a multilayer coating that provides a high transmittance across the whole light spectrum thus providing a more natural view.The quality of quality of its laser technology cannot be doubted nor can its  20mm lens.

It also has a 6X magnification which is very impressive since most rangefinders in this price range feature a 4X or a 5X magnification hence, its accuracy is also noteworthy.


It weighs 4.4 ounces (without batteries) and has the dimensions of 3.6″x2.9″x1.5″, thus, it is comfortable to carry around for most occasions.The Aculon Rangefinder also comfortably fits into the palms of its user and can be worn in your front shirt pocket or around your neck.


Nikon boasts of an outstanding design for this rangefinder, with their logo being prominently featured on the unit’s side. They embrace the need of compactness and prove it with this rangefinder’s design. It’s one of the most portable rangefinders that have ever been on the market.


The buttons of the device are designed to comfortably fitting in your palm, all its buttons are within easy and quick reach. You just need to press the closest button, and you will have activated the device.

You can use the furthest button to choose your desired measurement units, whether in yards or meters. The buttons are far enough, and that is a definite big plus, even when operating the rangefinder with thick gloves. This comes in handy especially when you are planning on making use of it during the cold winter season.

You don’t have to adjust any settings as the device is programmed to measure the distance to the farthest target on the screen. Just press the button and you will receive the measurement instantly.

Ability To See Distant Objects

It is programmed to display any range of whichever target is furthest when pointing a group of targets. This is certainly an added advantage as you’re assured of more accurate readings for any subjects that are partially obscured by obstacles like brush or grass.

The unit’s compact size implies that a steady hand will be required when ranging smaller targets.

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  • It comes at an amazingly affordable price, offering a high value of deal for its cost
  • It can be gripped quite easily and securely in one hand.
  • It comes with clearly outlined instructions
  • It offers you with a high level of accuracy
  • lightweight and compact design
  • It has high-quality optics, along with multi-layer coatings.
  • It’s quite easy to operate


  • It runs using CR2 batteries which are expensive.
  • Steady hands are required to range the small targets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the rangefinder work well on a golf course?

A: Yes, it does an impressive job. I have been using it for several month when going for golf training.

Q: Is it possible to get the distance dispalyed in meters?

A: Yes you can, you just need to push the mode button to change the readings from yards to meters.

Q: Is this rangefinder dependable for hunting?

A: You can use it for hunting in quick ranges under 100 yards.

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Final Verdict

Making the conclusion on the rangefinder’s price, I am not startled to find out that it lacks several advanced features such as distance or slope compensation.

However, for someone who is seeking a reliable, effective kit which can get the job done suitably quickly and accurately, this is the perfect buy for you and you’ll not be disappointed.

I considerNikon 8397 ACULON  to be a great tool to both new users as well as experienced persons since it is easy to use. It is also is a great choice where one desires to have a high-quality rangefinder but is limited by money.

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