Leupold 120464 RX-650 Micro Laser Rangefinder, Black Review

Are you looking for the best optics for shooting sports, general purposes, wildlife observation, military and law enforcement communities?

Look no more because l have done research on one of the Leupold and Stevens, Inc. products that is the Leupold Micro Laser range finder.

They are known for being one of the best companies in designing, machining and assembling precision optical instruments and other products.

This is the best rangefinder in the market that you can use on your project or range finding activities. This rangefinder is perfect for shooting sports, wildlife observation, and general activities because you can see the features very well.

It is compact, accurate and easy to use with a clean, clear optic, unlike many other rangefinders I have come across.

Easy To Use And Handle

The rangefinder is easy to use because it is comfortable and durable since it has a rubberized grip and the front cover. This rangefinder is easy to use because has a fast focus system with a textured ring and audible clicks.

The measurement is in yards or meters which is easier to read and understand. It is easier to handle and use in any weather conditions even when it is raining, thanks to its waterproof capabilities.

In its continuous mode, it constantly updates line of sight measurement to multiple targets like when it detects a prism-topped flagstick the measurement will freeze. It runs with a cr2 battery with an in view power status indicator.


This rangefinder is a simple and affordable. That means that it delivers incredible, an accurate line of sight measurements in yards or meters out to 650 yards. The rx-650 features are fully multicoated optics, 6 x magnifications, and high contrast LCD display and rubber armor for a positive grip regardless of the weather condition.

Wide Field Of View

The rangefinder provides a wide field of view because it has an ultra light weight and easy to use it is ideal for ranging variety of targets up to 650 yards.

This rangefinder is small but mighty, the rangefinder has multi-coated lenses for superior light transmission and hence it gives brighter images at almost any distance. It has a wide field of view and measurement readouts.

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  • 6 x magnifications for great optical performance
  • Fast focus system with a textured ring and audible clicks
  • It has waterproof capabilities
  • Great LCD display
  • Provides spot or continuous line of sight ranging
  • Has an intuitive one hand operation which enables quick activation and operation
  • It is affordable compared to its capabilities.


  • It doesn’t register distance at all if there is any obstruction in the edges of the view finder. It’s not practical to have to stand up to get an accurate reading.
  • In a low light condition such as indoors it doesn’t function properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: does this range finder measure in 1-foot increments?

A: No it doesn’t it measures in yards and meters

Q: Can it be used for golf?

A: Yes this model has been very inaccurate. Spend the money to get high-end rangefinder; you get what you pay for. The high-end Leupold is a very good lesser model are very spotty

Q: How does the Leupold RX 650 compare to the Nikon Aculon 8397?

A: The Leupold is a bit heavier. They are very similar, but the Leupold seems to pick up the flag quicker and easier. You don’t have to be very steady to use the Leupold as compared to Nikon it has great services also. Leupold is one step above the Nikon.

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Final Verdict

This rangefinder functions flawlessly.  It is perfect because it comes with a nice case that you can attach to a belt or clip on your backpack.

It is also easier to handle and use than any other finder there is a button on top that you can press it twice to get the range there are no other buttons to mess which makes it easier to use.

It has a variety of option that suits your need. The rangefinder won’t disappoint you because it is worth all the coins you spend on it.

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