5 Traits of a Quality Golf Rangefinder

By using a handheld laser rangefinder, you will be able to target long distances in a very efficient manner. Non-sloped laser rangefinders were approved by USGA and they are being used for various purposes. They are being used in local and national amateur championships. You should want to know the greatest traits of a golf rangefinder so that you will go for the best without any issues.

As you go through the reviews presented by experts and other customers, you will be able to notice the best features and drawbacks associated with various kinds of rangefinders. You should find the right kind of rangefinder so that your game will be very much enhanced. There are rangefinders meant for beginners as well as experienced users. Some rangefinders come with waterproof features. If you would like to continue your game in spite of the rain, there will not be distorted image when you possess the best golf rangefinder available in the market. Latest rangefinders are coming with auto-target acquisition technology so that you can make the most of your investment.

The following traits are noteworthy and you will settle for the best:

Magnification and range

The magnification offered by the rangefinder is the deciding factor. If you go for 6x instead of 4x, there will be great difference in the capability. In most of the cases, you will not want to see beyond 300+ yards. Even though there are rangefinders with higher magnification range, you should be aware of the additional cost incurred in procuring the product. If the magnification is higher, you will go through more clear images than other devices available in the market.


You should go for high-quality rangefinder made by a reputed brand. The current generation rangefinders are made with cutting edge technologies. Even though most of the rangefinders are equipped with patented technology, it is hard to differentiate a performing branded rangefinder from a newcomer in the market. However, you can go for a new brand as well if there is awesome performance. Based on the actual verification of the product and the feedback offered by other customers, you can go for the best product.

traits of golf rangefinder

Size and weight

As you will be spending your day with the rangefinder for several hours, you should choose the size and weight very carefully. If you are required to carry a heavy rangefinder, there will be great difficulty. Hence, you can opt for compact versions so that they can be carried very easily. When you manage lightweight products, the transportation will not be difficult matter. Lightweight and compact model such as 8397 ACULON from Nikon will suffice your needs in a very efficient way. Even though a rangefinder is made with lightweight material, it should be sturdy and durable.


The shopping for rangefinder should be done as per your budget. You should find something that you can afford so that there will not be any issues. There are models in the budget version as well. TecTecTec presents VPRO500 which is a budget-friendly rangefinder. By using the device, it is possible to manage very accurate measurements to the extent of 550 yards.


The usability is very much important. Even though you go for top-quality rangefinder, there should not be any compromise on the usability. If you go for hard and complicated machines, you will want to struggle with adjustment. There are some instruments which can be used without going through the operational manual as well. Thus, the usability is a definite factor which influences the selection of a Golf rangefinder. When you manage the right kind of rangefinder, you will hit the target precisely. The readings can be managed very easily.

You should also go through the other parameters such as design, structure and features presented by the rangefinder. The accurate results are the highest priority. The rangefinder should have excellent support from the manufacturer so that you can use it for many years without any difficulty. You are advised to go through the customer reviews to figure out the best rangefinders available in the market. Besides the common traits discussed above, you should also go through the slope which is a very important feature.

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