Equipment you need to start playing golf

What kits do I need to get the taste of excellence of Golf?

At the very beginning, this question comes into all of the golfers' mind.

For novice golfer, it’s nearly impossible to know which equipment he will be required to play golf perfectly. So, we're here today with the list of essential golf stuff. Let's dig into it.

Most essential Golf Equipment list

Now here the essential stuff list goes. Let's see how many you own on the course.


The essential golf equipment, without which you cannot think about playing golf, you know. Yes, that is golf ball. During the commencement of the game, the golf balls were made of hard wood. These white colors balls are a bit bigger than the ping pong balls. A golf ball manufacturer has to maintain 2 must have criteria while making the golf balls. One is minimum diameter ( which is 42.72mm) and another one is the maximum weight (45.93 gm maximum).

Laser Rangefinder

Okay, this is smart golfer choice. Those days are gone when you will take the Geometry books into your brain to measure out how much the hole is ahead from you. Now, you can easily figure out the distance of any object on the course. This impossible thing came to reality by the touch of laser rangefinder. Nowadays these devices use GPS system to give the more authentic result. So, using a rangefinder will definitely make ahead of your competitors.

Golf Carts

These days you cannot think about playing golf without a golf push pull cart. These carts will give you privilege of setting on the course, enough cushion for your golf stuff to store. BTW, even these carts have space for your tiny accessories like wallets, phones. There are two common types of golf carts, which are golf push carts and pull carts. Before buying you can read this guide on best golf push carts for the money


The rods used in golf to hit the balls are called golf clubs. There are different types of golf clubs. The variants are named Iron, Wood, Wedges etc. In rough terrain or while playing precision shots the irons are used, while as, the Woods are used for playing the long distance shots. While playing, unfortunately, you only can use maximum fourteen clubs.

golf equipment list


Not Tea, By the way, ha ha. Tees are also one of the most mandatory things on the course. This is the one thing, you keep the golf ball on before hitting hit. It can be made of Wood or Plastic, depends on the product. It measures around 3inches. If you want to go for the durable one, just buy the plastic one.


Unlike all other games, it is nearly impossible to continue playing gold without having golf bag. Although caddie may carry your golf stuff, in order to remain them organize there is no option to the golf bags. Out there, there are ample of brands making durable bags.


I think, this one can be anticipated by you. Like other sports, you need a nice pair of shoe to rock. Finding the right shoe is crucial, as many types of shoes are there to confuse you. Consider the ergonomics of the shoes. You know comfort matters a lot.


Not so essential, but, not that much less important to ignore. Because after all remaining fit is essential and while you will be sweating it will get compulsory. That's why it is nice to have one.

Golf Glove

To hold the club firmly you much need golf gloves. Otherwise, you won't be able to take the shots precisely. Most importantly, the golf gloves reduce the risk of injury of hand and wrists. Besides, the golf gloves give you a pro look.


Other golf accessories which are widely used by the golfers includes umbrella (to protect you from rain and the sun), hats (to give shade), travel bags (for backpacking all the golfing stuff) etc.

Let us know whether you are using all of the equipment above or any of these are missing from your list. If you want to take your golf excitement to the next level just have all these on the course. Happy golfing days.

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