How to Choose Between a Laser or Non-Laser Rangefinder

Nowadays, a common confusion among the golfers is to choose the appropriate range finder for themselves. A burning question always stands: laser or non-laser rangefinder: which one is better? So, if you are a golf player then, I am sure that this question is also bothering you for a period of time that laser or non-laser rangefinder: which one is better? Even though this depends largely on personal preferences but a comparison can be made. But not sure that, this will end up in a fair conclusion. But we surely can proceed through the comparison. It is very important to know about them specifically as it is a very costly product. And it is obvious that once you buy any one of these, that one is surely going to stay with you for a long time.

laser or non-laser rangefinder: which one is better

Laser Rangefinder

Laser or non-laser rangefinder: which one is better? For taking the right decision firstly, you have to know about them. So, let’s start with laser rangefinder.

From the name, we can easily understand that this uses laser technology to get the accurate results. This one is very much accurate. It offers the players to understand the level and course of the play and thus helps to take the right decisions.


  • The biggest facility of this rangefinder that it offers two primary options of slope and non-slope rangefinders. You can choose any of these but you have to choose carefully. It is obvious that both of these offers their own facilities.
  • Laser rangefinders are very much accurate. There are only very little amount of errors. They measure the distance so accurately that it gives the golfer to take a good shot.
  • Now the confusion goes between the slope and non-slope feature. The slope feature can track the trajectory of the ball and give you the scope of making slightest of changes that can bring the success.


  • Everything has both sides. The laser rangefinder is no different. It supplies you with the best possible results but at the same time for getting the accurate results you have to make sure that you hold this still. Any movement will collapse the estimated result. So, a golfer needs to be very careful as well as very patient.
  • Another big problem is that it is forbidden in competitions. So, if you are warming up for a competition and tend to buy this product you may face some issues.

Non-laser Rangefinder

Let’s have a look at detailed pros and cons about Non-laser rangefinder. Hope that we can dissolve all of the confusions after discussing this part. So, what is a non-laser rangefinder? This is a kind which is very hard to find. Though amateur golfers don't prefer it, these are highly likable to the professionals.


  • On the upside, rangefinders of this kind have a feature called reticle. This makes the golfer easier to play the shots accurately. The big advantage though lies in the focusing. Like the laser rangefinders, this rangefinder isn't needed to be hold up still. This has a good focusing capability and does it very quickly.
  • It comes in attractive look. Even though this kind is very difficult to find, they have comparatively low price range than the golf laser rangefinders. So if you don’t have a very big budget to go with you will consider this.
  • Every model of this is eligible for the competitions. So, no need to be tensed.


  • Now, we have one more barrier to decide laser or non-laser rangefinder: which one will you choose? And that is the cons of the non-laser rangefinder. Like every other product, it too has its downsides.
  • The main disadvantage comes in regard to the maximum range covering. Most of the non-laser rangefinder is capable of measuring the maximum range of 200 yards. More than this range will cause trouble to the golfer.
  • Again another disadvantage is that they have a high tendency to be inaccurate. This can cause a lot of problems during playtimes.

So, this finishes our discussions. Laser or Non-laser rangefinder: which one is better? What do you think? For the right decision, we have to consider both sides of the coins.

Though it is very difficult to say, for getting the more accurate results laser range finders stay on top of the demands of the golfers. But you have to pay a lot of prices as well as hold it during playtime. But if you are experienced enough to figure out the inaccuracy then non-laser version is also a good choice for you.

So, this concludes our discussion about laser or non-laser rangefinder: which one is better? Hope this will help you to pick the best suitable one for yourself.

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