Bushnell Team Primes Bow Mode Laser Rangefinder Review

The market is thronged with state of the art rangefinders, which makes it hard sometimes to select the one with desired qualifications.

Being a new technology, most hunters and golfers still don’t know how to select the best rangefinder when they are out for purchase.

You need a high-quality model to guide your shots and help you shoot accurately. Today, I want to take you through the incredible features of one of the best rangefinders any professional hunter would be glad to add to his list of hunting equipment.

Bushnell Team Primes Bow Mode Laser Rangefinder is ingeniously created to provide a clear view and accurate range finding in the wild.

Everything about this gadget is good news, except for a few less important areas. Let’s take a look at some of its features before we can make the final judgment.

Bushnell Team Primes Bow Mode Laser Rangefinder Review

Comfortable Use

The Truth is light in weight and features a compact design. Its construction provides a comfortable use under all circumstances. This rangefinder is designed to provide maximum distance reading, easing things for you from control to weight to transportation.

It might look like any other rangefinder that you see on the market, but there are so many special things about it. You will enjoy making the readings, holding, and controlling it a great deal.

Great Battery Life

The Truth is powered by a 3-volt battery to function. The battery is tucked away perfectly behind a post-thread battery door. What I find amazing is the long battery life. You get to enjoy the convenience of long hours of use without worrying about the battery going flat.

Sometimes the game takes longer, and you can’t afford to waste even a single minute without your rangefinder. These are the times that you realize how important long battery life is to the game.

Angle Range Compensation

This feature is not commonly included in lower priced rangefinders, and The Truth is one of the few rangefinders in its class to have it. It can greatly help bow hunters to improve their accuracy and success rate.

The rangefinder can calculate the angle of the shot made to determine the compensated distance. It, therefore, result in being accurate with the pin that you are supposed to use from a distance of 7 to 199 yards.

Fast and Accurate

The truth offers a fast and fairly accurate line of sight reading. Though it claims to provide a rangefinder range of 7 to 850 yards, the longer range can only happen if large, reflective targets are used.

Actual distance will depend on your targets, though I’ve found 600 yards to be just about the maximum accurate distance achievable for large objects like trees. A deer or animals of with the same size can be accurately located at a distance of approximately 200 yards.

Decent Casing

The rangefinder is elegant in its appearance and features a really beautiful design. Though the case might not be completely waterproof, it is rainproof.

This means that it can be used in the rain, and the readings won’t be compromised in any way. The decency of the case is also contributed to by the ingenious designing of its outer appearance. It provides adequate grip to allow for comfortable use.

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  • Lightweight design
  • Provide fast focus
  • Rainproof casing
  • Very portable
  • Elegant in the outside


  • Not the most accurate

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which are some of the accessories that the Truth comes with?

A: It comes with carrying case, neck strap, and battery.

Q: How does it perform in low light condition?

A: When the light is decent, the rangefinder works just fine, but when the light starts to fade, it can be a little difficult to read.

Q: Is it waterproof or just rainproof?

A: I haven’t tried to immerse it in water but what I’m sure of is that it can withstand the drops of rain.

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Final Words

This is exactly what a real outdoors person needs for finding the distance between their targets and other objects. A hunter would appreciate this rangefinder’s ability to locate a deer at a not so long range.

It isn’t the most accurate rangefinder, but you can be sure that it will narrow down your prey for you. It is a convenient piece of technology and rarely disappoints in the field.

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