Bushnell Michael Waddell Bone Collector Edition 4x 21mm Laser Rangefinder Review

When you know what you’d like to achieve with your new rangefinder, selection becomes a little easier than if you had no idea at all.

Not every rangefinder can be used for deer hunting, and not every rangefinder is fit for golfing. With technology advancing fast, every day we wake up to a new innovative feature added to a rangefinder or another.

Today, each model has something to boast of that most other models don’t have, and I can give you an assurance that when it comes to innovative features, Bushnell Michael Waddell Bone Collector Edition 4x 21mm Laser Rangefinder has it all.

No matter how innovatively designed a rangefinder might be, if you don’t need a certain feature for your outdoor shooting or your accuracy in golf, then it is useless.

Weather Resistant Housing

With all the extremities experienced on the outdoors might damage your rangefinder, especially when you are hunting in the wild. This rangefinder has a weather-resistant housing that gives it maximum protection against weather elements.

The housing is rainproof, meaning that you can continue with that hunting even when rain is threatening the activity. Whether there is rain or sun is burning excessively, this rangefinder will always stand, giving the best performance no matter what comes its way.

Longer Range

The stated range of this rangefinder is 600 yards, but that’s for highly reflective targets. Different objects can be ranged differently. For example, you can range trees out to a distance of 400 yards.

A deer can be ranged out at 200 yards or slightly lesser distance than that. This is still better than a lot of rangefinders that I know of. What I’ve realized that when an object is within the range at which the rangefinder can provide its distance, the level of accuracy is impressive.

Simple Operation

When adrenaline is high because you don’t want to lose that deer, all you need is a rangefinder that is easy to operate and control, trust me. This Bushnell Michael rangefinder provides you with a simple single button operation.

When you want to find the exact range between you and the target, the one button is strategically positioned to make control easy and timely. No time is wasted, and no complexities in operating it.


The rangefinder is clearly designed to make carrying it around in the wild easier than most other models. It features a compact designed coupled with a lightweight feature, which is why you can carry it in your pocket without stress.

Its pocket size also adds to the several features that contribute to its general portability. It is always a great convenience for a hunter to own portable hunting tools to reduce the amount of load they have to carry around.

Quality Optics

When it comes to the optics of this rangefinder, you can be sure that with every feature considered, the level of accuracy is impeccable. All these can be partly attributed to the high-quality optics that this rangefinder has.

It also features 4x magnification, meaning that your images will always be clear and easy to identify. Thanks to these features, the level of accuracy can be depended on to allow for accurate shooting of the target.

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  • Compact design
  • High aesthetics
  • High level of accuracy
  • Clear images
  • High-quality optics


  • Not perfect for low light conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it easy to swap between yards and meters?

A: Though it has to be off to toggle between meters and yards, it isn’t that bad.

Q: Can it measure slopes?

A: Unfortunately, this model can’t measure slopes.

Q: Does it have the features found in the top tier models?

A: It might not have the features found in more expensive rangefinders, but it has some pretty amazing features too that you will find helpful.

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Final Verdict

As much as every user has their opinion, this rangefinder is a perfect choice. For a hunting enthusiast like me, I don’t like equipment that doesn’t make my work in the wild easy.

I look keenly before I choose any product before I purchase it. All the time that I’ve used this rangefinder, it has provided me with accurate measurements. The images are clear and easy to identify, thanks to its quality optics and powerful magnification.

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Ivan Mata

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