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History & Legality of Rangefinders

Many ranging devices are introduced till the date. All of these devices are used to measure the distance between the observer and his target. There are several types’ ranging devices and all of them apply a different technique to measure the distance. Since the introduction of the very first ranging device, the rangefinders have been […]

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Rangefinder Skills for Bowhunters

It may seem quite easy to judge the range and aim the target. You may think that a fast compound bow can make hunting an easy task for you, but that’s not true. Arrows, thrown from the fastest compound bows, also follow arching paths. You can easily miss an opportunity of hitting the target, if […]

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How Do Rangefinders Work?

A rangefinder is a device, which is used for estimating the distance between the observer and the target. This device is widely used by hunters, soldiers, golfers and also in virtual reality system. Many people may know that what is a rangefinder, but many of them may not know that how do rangefinders work. This post […]

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