Best Rangefinder for Bow Hunting - Guide and Review

Though there are lots of rangefinders that can be used effectively for bow hunting, there is a certain lot that provides better range finding.

They can be trusted to help a bow hunter make only perfect shots. The problem only comes when you want to choose the best rangefinder for bow hunting from the long list of rangefinders that are available in the market.

The good news is that there lots of good devices from which you can choose the best model, if you are lucky to find one, or if you make your choice just right.

This review provides you with a list of the best rangefinders in this category, hence saving you the hassle. Better still, it provides you with a trustable guide on how you can do your selection so that you don't end up buying the wrong rangefinder.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Rangefinder for Bow Hunting

These are some of the most important factors that you might want to consider while choosing the best rangefinder for bow hunting. There is no way you will make a wrong choice if you follow them strictly.

Scan Mode

Most rangefinder models have scan mode. This feature helps in scanning the targets that you are ranging with an attempt to find the right one.

Some models would do it when you hold a button down or within some seconds after pressing a button. It is always easier to use a rangefinder that has its scan mode turned on.


Most rangefinders provide magnification between no magnifications to 8X magnification. The higher the magnification, the better. Higher magnification makes it easier for you to hit the target.

For bow hunting, if you could get a rangefinder with higher magnification, your chances of hitting your targets are heightened. It would be great if you choose higher magnification rangefinder over the ones that offer lower magnification, so long as you can afford it.


The rangefinder you choose for your bow hunting should be portable. As a hunter, you will have to move around in the wild a lot looking for a deer and the right moment to take that crucial shot. All this time you will be carrying your rangefinder with you.

To avoid a stressful situation, you should only purchase a rangefinder that is easy to carry around. It should be small enough and lightweight in design. If it can fit in your pocket, that's an added advantage. Some models come with neck strap for extra portability.

Best Rangefinder for Bow Hunting

Maximum Range

For most users, this is not an important factor, but I can tell you that it is. The minimum range might be irrelevant, but the maximum range should be.

Different rangefinders offer varying maximum ranges, and you should be careful to select the one to provide ranges within your desires. Hunting might require longer ranges, and therefore a rangefinder with higher maximum range would be in order.

Recommended Best Rangefinder for Bow Hunting

If you are thinking of getting the best rangefinder for your next bow hunting session, check the following reviews and hopefully you might be impressed with the top products reviewed below.

1. Bushnell Team Primos the Truth ARC Bow Mode Laser Rangefinder

For bow hunting, you need a rangefinder that will maximize your chances of making a kill, and this is one of those rangefinders.

From its lightweight to its remarkable accuracy, this is one of the best models for this category so far.

Angle Range Compensation Technology

This is a unique feature that happens to be one of the best in this rangefinder. It gives you the precise distance of your target to maximize the success of your shot.

Fast Distance Measurement

It offers super-fast distance measurement with minimum hesitation so that no time is wasted on range finding. It also offers true horizontal distance from 7 yards to 199 yards.

Digital Inclinometer

Included in its features is an advanced digital inclinometer, which helps measure angles from – 90 degrees to + 90 degrees with a +/- 1 error accuracy. It is an impressive feature that would give your hunting experience an upper hand.

Magnification Power

The Bushnell Team Primes offers 4X magnification power with 20 mm eye relief. Its powerful magnification is much needed to view targets more closely and read the distance better.

2. Bushnell 202442 the Truth ARC 4x20mm Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder

Everything about this rangefinder will astound any bow hunting enthusiast who is interested in attaining the best possible hunting experience in the wild.

LCD Display

There are lots of things I appreciate in this model, and this feature is just one of them. The LCD is a real handiness, besides being unique and lovely to use. It offers in-view measurements plus battery life indicator.

ClearShot Technology

The ClearShot Technology is an exclusive feature that makes this rangefinder even better. This technology provides instantaneous feedback on shot clearance so that you are sure before you take that crucial shot.


Among the accessories that it comes with include battery, carrying case, and neck strap to help you carry it around your neck. All these accessories help in the overall performance and portability of the rangefinder.

Pocket-size Design

It features an ergonomic design and can perfectly fit into your pocket while you are doing other things other than finding ranges. This makes it portable and easy to carry around.

3. Wildgame Innovations Halo X-Ray Z6X 600 Laser Range Finder

If you have tried on this rangefinder, you'll agree with me that it would be a great choice for bow hunting.

I've heard from many bow hunters who praise this model for its fantastic quality and performance in range finding.

AI Technology

This unique technology has a substantial effect on the overall performance of the rangefinder. It accounts for slope to your target so that the desired accuracy is still achieved.

Constant Ranging

It features scan mode that allows for constant ranging. This is much better than what we often get with other ordinary rangefinders in that it makes work easier for you.

Compact Size

When holding it in your palm, you instantly notice how compact it is. This makes it easy to use since it also stays so steadfastly in the hands. Any hunter would like it for its efficient design.

Elegant Construction

Besides being a perfect model for bow hunting, its elegant design can't be easily missed. The outer covering is decorated with patterns that add grip and beauty to it.

4. Simmons Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Intelligence Laser Rangefinder

When you compare the price and value of this rangefinder, you realize it is a great value for the money.

It is reasonably priced, and I'd say that you will get more than you'd expect from such a rangefinder of that price.

Powerful Optical

The Simmons Simmons LRF 600 provides 4X magnification so that you can see your target four times closer, thanks to its powerful optical. These features are incorporated into this device to help you make a more accurate shot.

Simple Operation

With its simple one-button operation, controlling this rangefinder is a breeze. The button is strategically positioned to allow for every fast and timely control you want to make.

Tilt Intelligence

This is an advanced feature that calculates and displays the True Horizontal Distance. It is a feature that that has revolutionized the rangefinder industry to a certain level, and one that not many rangefinders has.

Carry Case

Among other vital accessories, this rangefinder comes with a carrying case that helps in both transportations and the general protection of this rangefinder. The case cushions the device, which perfectly fits into it.

5. Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC 6 x 21mm Laser Rangefinder

Before you even look into its feature, the fact that it is a product of Bushnell is enough proof that it is a great product.

Then when you use it, you realize that it's an amazing piece of technology.

Diopter Adjustment

This is one of the advanced features that set this model apart. The diopter adjustment provides crystal clear viewing better than anything you've ever seen in a rangefinder.

ARC Bow Mode

It provides true horizontal distance up to 99 yards, which is an impressive range. Together with its ARC Riffle Mode, this rangefinder is a true piece of innovation.

Rubber-armored Unit

Unlike most rangefinders, the Bushnell Scout DX 1000 is completely waterproof. It features a rubber-armored unit that is tough enough to endure any terrain or weather.

Adequate Accessories

It also comes with battery, carrying case, and neck strap, each of which serves its purpose in making sure this rangefinder is a great convenience to the user in the wild.

Final Verdict

If you are serious about purchasing the best rangefinder for bow hunting, you have to be extra choosy, looking out for innovative features that would help in making accurate shots. More so, the rangefinder you choose must incorporate features that make it friendly for the outdoors.

To be precise, it should be suited for the wild. By this, I mean that it should give you easy time carrying it around and operate it to find the correct range readings that would help you hit your target with minimal misses.

These reviews will save you the trouble of choosing on your own. You know how stressful that would be to most users.

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