Best Rangefinder For Archery - Guide and Review

There are times I wish I captured some events or scenery to share it with other generations to come. I do not want you to join me in this. Many devices will help you make good and accurate shooting like that goal your preferred striker wonderfully made towards time out.

Rangefinder though not designed for sports fanatics alone, the majority of the people use it to shoot sporting activities. With the advanced technology and engineering, work rangefinders have been made to deliver highly in their performance and customer satisfaction.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Rangefinder

Here are the fundamental that you should know and look into before making that actual purchase that will steer you through to more advanced hunting activities.


There are cheap and expensive model with the difference being the additional features, accuracy and being modeled for easy use. The cheaper the device, the most likely you are to have divergence hence inaccurate results.


Always look for a rangefinder that is rated to have a +/-1 margin of error or accuracy with high specification / magnification to enable you to capture images with precision. Also, the light condition is also key, and its ability to give accurate results in low light conditions is critical.


If your hunting activities involve many movements, portable and lightweight rangefinders are great for this use. Small sized rangefinders are as effective as the large one, and no features have been deprived off due to its nature.


Rangefinders are quite expensive. You need to buy a gadget that is worth spending a fortune and is long lasting. Check for proper casing, well finished, a device with a carrying case and waterproof for convenient use in damp, wet conditions. A device with a warranty cover is good to have as it assures you of peace of mind.

Best Rangefinder For Archery

Personal Needs

There are different needs as some hunters may be interested in a quality high specification gadget, while others want a trendy, very appealing pocket- sized casual use rangefinder or others may consider the accessories. Choose a rangefinder that is within your preference and needs for easy, comfortable use. The initial satisfaction before use begins with your expectation first being met.

Recommend Best Rangefinder For Archery

Manufacturers have made rangefinders of different quality, specification, appeal and accuracy making it more difficult to select a rangefinder from the market. Here is an in-depth research of the most popular rangefinder to help you decide on what you want.

1. Bushnell Team Primes the Truth ARC 4x20mm Bow Mode Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell has a history of providing top quality, highly functional and sleek sports optics for sports fanatics.

They are designed to help you enjoy and capture outdoor games to precision. This model is characterized by:

Angle Range Compensation ( ARC) Technology

It gives you the precise horizontal distance from 7 to 199 yards to your target and lightning fast distance. It accounts for the terrain angles when calculating distances, so you know exactly how to play your strokes.

Magnification Power

Has a magnification power up to 4x with 20mm eye relief. This enables you clear and quick images. With the help of this, you can scan the course effectively and hit strategic strokes that deliver results, thus reducing the number of lost strokes significantly.

Digital Inclinometer

For the clearer shot, the Bushnell rangefinder has an advanced inclinometer that helps measure angles from -90 to +90 with a margin of error/ accuracy of +/-1. This makes it easy to identify the distance from your target, take a better stance and select the right club for a precision shot.

Excellent Grip

Made such that its non-glossy and anti-slip to allow the user in easy handling as it offers a firm hold. This feature is often overlooked but with this model your can easily operate it with confidence even when your hands get sweaty / wet or in uneven terrain. This makes it extremely easy and carries around.

2. Halo XRT6 Laser Rangefinder

This is a standard high-end rangefinder that it is great for experienced and adventurer hunter who want to get clear imagery. These are its most striking features:

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It is powered by an optic logic technology with x6 specification for more clear and best shots. It also has a + /-one margin of accuracy, good for obtaining readings to precision.

Scan Mode

Works well by ensuring that you can make constant readings from time to time. The statistics from these reading if well used can make a precise reading. This constant reading set up makes long range hunting have very accurate outcomes.

Water Resistant

The Halo rangefinder has a nylon casing for waterproof. Besides it is well constructed to be fit in shooting in diverse climatic conditions. The lenses are made to be fog resistant preventing blurred imagery.

3. Bushnell Michael Waddell Bone Collector

This is a simpler, entry-level rangefinder that is great for those who have just started long range shooting or hunting but it lack the many advanced features, therefore, good for casual shooting, not professional use.


It has a rainproof casing that enables you to take shots even when it's raining or damp conditions. However this is not to say care should not be taken, water which slips through can damage the device or blur the lens. It also has a 1-year limited warranty.

Optics and Focus

Has a magnification of x4 with 21mm eye relief. It also has an automatic focusing mechanism where you point the target, and it snaps quickly without any fuss. This allows you to see the target considerably better than with naked eyes.


This rangefinder is power by a 9-volt antiquated battery. Has a slow charge consumption that allows for many reading from a single battery without recharge. Despite the battery being good for use, if very rare to find and snugly fits making it difficult to insert or remove.

One Button Operation

Due to its simplicity, it's easy to use as it has an intuitive menu and one button operation. Its display help adjust the reticle for aiming, a battery life indicator and distance targeting in meters.

4. Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Rangefinder

This is a cheap model that is good for hunting and shooting activities.

Its performance is similar to that of more expensive rangefinders. It's characterized by:


Has a multilayer coating for high transmission across the light spectrum providing a more natural view which is enhanced by an impressive 6x magnification within a range of 550 yards.

Ease Of Use

You don't have to adjust any settings as the device is programmed to measure the distance to the furthest target on the screen. For continuous measurements, you only need to continuously press the single button to get this reading.

Special Features

The distant target priority mode is a critical feature as it makes it possible for the rangefinder to display the measurements of the furthest target.


It's a handy compact sized gadget making it comfortable to use and carry around as its smaller than some smartphones. Its, therefore, good for golfing sport as it can be worn in your shirt's front pocket or around the neck.

5. Bushnell 202442 The TruthARC 4*20mm

It is designed with advanced laser technology that provides instant feedbacks on your shots for clearance good for long range hunting.

These features stand out in this rangefinder:


For precise and clear shots, this rangefinder has inbuilt features that enhance it accuracy. Has an arc range compensation for measuring angles of -90 to +90 with a -/+1 margin of error in a horizontal distance of 7-199 yards. With the clear shot technology, it able to make an instant shot that is very clear.

Easy Handling

The handle has magnetic attachment and non-slip sure grip finishing hence it can not slip away and get damaged. It also has a Pocket size ergonomic design that is convenient to move and carry around. Besides it has a carrying case, a battery and neck strap to hold them in position.

Bow Mode

This feature help in finding the terrain angle when calculating distance so you can exactly know how to shoot to make a good shot that captures you most memorable and important imagery you want to have for a lifetime.


Has a long lasting 3 volt CR 123 battery that makes many readings without being recharged. It's easy to find and has very low charge consumption. It also has a battery indicator so that you know how long your remaining charge will go.

Final Verdict

With modern technology, successful attempts have made it possible to offer the market a sophisticated yet simplified and easy to use device with varying make. Designed to give you the satisfaction you require and super performance in use.

The above information about the top rated rangefinders is very valid and highly reliable do not hesitate to get a rangefinder you find fit. Besides, they are made to surpass you expectation making you a happy, satisfied hunter.

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