Best Hunting Rangefinder - Guide and Review

With technological advancement witnessed in hunting equipment, the activity has become so cool. Hunting is so much fun too, especially when you involve a rangefinder of excellent quality to help you estimate the range of the animals being pursued.

Since the use of rangefinders was introduced in hunting, this activity has just gotten better everywhere around the world. These devices help improve the level of accuracy in hunting so that not so much shots are wasted.

The best rangefinder for hunting must incorporate state of the art features that maximize accuracy. Hitting a deer is not always that easy, but with a good rangefinder, your shooting accuracy might just become so much better.

For one, your rangefinder must qualify to serve you well in the wild. That is to say; the device must be portable so that you don't struggle to carry it around in the wild.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Hunting Rangefinder

With factors explained here, you can be guided through selecting the best hunting rangefinder. They reduce any chances of making a bad choice.

Maximum Distance Range

The distance range varies in different rangefinders. This is one of the most important factors anyone needs to consider when buying a new rangefinder. Most of the rangefinders in the market provide ranges between 1 to 1500 yards.

Climatic conditions also affect the ranges, and a rangefinder will perform better in a clear and favorable climatic condition. There are a few models that aren't affected by extreme weather conditions, and they will always give accurate readings no matter the climatic condition.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the rangefinder you choose should not impact your hunting success negatively. The best rangefinders are often smaller and lightweight.

The best way to stay focused on the more important activity, which is hunting in this case, is when you don't carry a bulky and heavy rangefinder. It should be handy enough to give you an easy time in the wild. If it can fit in your pocket, or hang around your neck without stress, then it is a good choice.


The fact that it is used in the outdoors, you must choose a rangefinder that can withstand the harsh weather conditions. Most rangefinders are rainproof but not waterproof, which means that they can withstand just a few drops but might be affected by a large amount of water.

The casing should be able to protect the rangefinder from a harsh climate so that its performance is not compromised when you need it the most.

Best Hunting Rangefinder


When choosing your rangefinder from the rest of the pack, make sure it is a durable model. You don't want to spend your hard earned cash on a substandard rangefinder that won't serve you for long before it's out.

There are a variety of durable models from reputable companies that you can depend on to provide you with years of appreciable service.

Recommended Best Hunting Rangefinder

Make hunting fun and interesting with the following best rangefinders reviewed below. They are incredible products worth your money.

1. TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

With the correct range estimation of the deer, your shot won't miss that easily.

I can confirm to you that this is one of the best hunting rangefinders if you value accuracy and handy design altogether in one product.

Measure Longer Range

The cheaper rangefinders that provide short-range measurement are so annoying and doesn't work so well in serious hunting. This is a premium product that measures up to 540 yards.

Continuous Scan Mode

This rangefinder comes with a lot of impressive features including continuous scan mode and advanced speed technology to make every range finding accurate, precise, and easy all through the hunting session.


The Rangefinder is lightweight and fits so well in the hands. The lightweight feature makes it portable, allowing you to carry it around in the wild with a lot of ease.


The rangefinder comes with other accessories that I find really important for the entire hunting activity. It comes complete with case and lanyard, carrying pouch, free CR2 battery, microfiber cleaning cloth among others.

2. Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Rangefinder

Its outer design reflects its performance in range finding.

Your hunting gear can't be complete without this amazing product from the reputable Nikon.

It is as sleek as it is accurate in measuring ranges in the wild.


Though it isn't the most accurate rangefinder in the market, it has plenty of interesting features like the multilayer coating which is resourceful in providing high transmittance across the entire light spectrum.

Size and Weight

The Nikon 8397 weighs just 4.4 ounces without the batteries. That means it is both small and lightweight and is a real darling in the field since you won't have any stress carrying and using it.

Leading Optics

Nikon is leading in optics, and there is no doubt this fact is reflected in the Nikon 8397. The quality of the laser technology and its 20mm lens gives it much power and superior light transmission.

Multilayer Coatings

This model is made with multilayer coatings, a quality that provides higher light transmission across the entire light spectrum. This explains the clear vision achieved with this rangefinder.

3. Bushnell Michael Waddell Bone Collector Edition 4x 21mm Laser Rangefinder

Every time I see the name Bushnell on a rangefinder, I know it is a good model even before a look further into its features.

This model, in particular, has great light transmittance and overall accuracy.

Weather Resistance Housing

The Bushnell Michael Waddell Bone Collector features a weather resistance casing that protects it from all the harsh weather conditions that are a norm in the wild. No rain or burning sun can deter you from proceeding with your hunting adventure.

Fully Multicoated Optics

This model offers top quality focus and has a fully multi coated optics. The focusing mechanism of this rangefinder is automatic and very reliable so that each range finding is successful.


The housing is not only weatherproof but is also durable. In fact, the entire machine is made up of high-quality components that would withstand the harshness of the outdoor to last longer.

Simple Operation

It provides simple single button operation to keep focused on other more vital parts of the hunting. You won't spend much time trying to focus on the target.

4. Halo XRT6 Laser Rangefinder

If you are looking for a rangefinder that is precise in its relaying of the images, this is an interesting one that I believe any experienced hunter would appreciate.

Even the armatures would be lucky to have it among their list of hunting accessories.

Two-Button Operation

With just only too buttons to control it with, this rangefinder is so easy to use. One of the buttons is for selecting the scan mode, while the other button initiates laser ranging.

6x Optical Magnification

The device features 6x optical magnification, which allows you to get the perfect close-up view of the terrain or your target. It is hard to miss the target when you are using this device, trust me.

Belt Loop Attachment

The device is portable and is easy to carry around while you are away hunting. It's lightweight and includes a neoprene case with belt loop attachment for carrying it on your belt.

Very Accurate

It is perfect for both gun hunting and bow hunting, and for the obvious reason. It ranges your target out to 600 yards with and impressive + or – 1-yard accuracy.

5. Simmons 801600t Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder

This device has proven to be an excellent choice for hunters who are serious about making a kill.

Deer are very hard to hit sometimes, and the only way to outwit them is through the use of this rangefinder.

Aesthetic Looks

You will like its design from the word go. It features a matte black finish that makes it look elegant. The outer part is uniformly rugged to allow for better grip while you look through it.

Bright and Clear Optics

This device offers eminent view while you find the range of your target or animal being hunted. The images are bright, and the optics are clear so that you don't miss anything worth considering.

Carrying Case

It comes with a carrying case that protects it even further. With so many protective features such as high-quality outer cover and the carrying case, the rangefinder is quite durable.

Dead-on Accuracy

It boasts in-view liquid crystal display, which provides high level of accuracy. It will give you the most accurate readings you can ever experience with rangefinders in the same class.

Final Verdict

So, when you are out hunting for deer or any other animal, be careful with the kind of rangefinder you use. The device you choose will determine you success in hunting to a certain extent.

Any of these rangefinders will do for you what you'd expect from a contemporary rangefinder. They are made up of some of the best components and part so that accuracy isn't compromised in any way.

Whether you are an armature hunter or an experienced one, you will love every moment spent in the wild finding accurate ranges and shooting down your favorite animal with the help of these devices.

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