Best Bushnell Rangefinder - Guide and Review

Memorable moments will always remain with us for the longest period.In the recent past, man has been keen on how to make this moment last for a longer period.

With the invention of cameras, we are now able to let this moment remain with us forever. Think of the therapeutic feeling that fills our hearts when we watch an old film or look at photos we took about a decade ago.

Photos and films can be a great source of inspiration; they can also bring a sense of belonging by reminding us of the far we have come and the challenges we have overcome.

The recent advancement in technology has given a great boost to this quest.The recent innovations of cameras and camcorders will enable us record in fine details major if not all events of our lives.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Rangefinder

There are numerous factors to consider before buying a camcorder, however, a close review on a few of this factors can be instrumental in making the decision on which camcorder to buy.


This is an important factor to consider when choosing the different types of camcorders in the market; camcorders have different distances that you can clearly an object. Most camcorders have their maximum ranges between one yard and 1500 yards.

Ease Of Use

It is important that you buy a camcorder that you can easily operate when it is easy to operate a given type of camcorder you begin to enjoy having the item as well as you appreciate its use.

Size And Weight

A light type of camcorder will be easy to carry over long distances without feeling tired or finding it to be baggage. Size and weight are factors to consider because they determine the amount of space to allocate the given piece of item.


Camcorders are of different prices; their prices also vary on their features. It is, therefore, important to buy a camcorder that meets your needs and is affordable. This factor helps to match up the two aspects of affordability and meeting your needs.


There are different models of camcorders in the market; you should, therefore, evaluate on their different features and choose a model that meets your needs.

Additional Features

Most camcorders have customized features that make them unique, evaluation of this additional features can help you choose the camcorder that meets your specifications.

Best Bushnell Rangefinder

Recommend Best Bushnell Rangefinder

The above factors are of great importance when making the decision to buy a camcorder; therefore it is not wise for me to recommend that you use one factor in making the final decision.

I can only advise you to closely examine this different factors, and try to match them up with your needs. This is the easiest way to satisfy your niche.

The rangefinder is a common name in the field of camcorders and cameras. It has produced some of the best camcorders in the market today. A sample on some of its leading models could reveal why the rangefinder camcorders are loved by many.

1. Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinders

It is one of the leading models of the rangefinder.

It is liked by many golfers due to its unique features.


With this type of camcorder, you can clearly view items of choice up to one thousand yards. It is accurate within one yard and provides instant measurements in meters and yards. This feature makes it popular with many golfers.

Easy To Use

It is very easy to operate this type of rangefinder. Firstly, it provides stable grip, hence comfortably rests on the palm of your hand. Secondly, consists of only a few buttons hence you can easily operate it.


It durability is recommendable, reason being, it a water proof thus can be used in all types of weather, it has a warranty that s specified by the manufacturer. Its cr2 batteries are also long lasting.

Additional Features

Its additional features are a five-time magnification capability and its ergonomic design that makes it have an attractive look.

2. Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder

It is one of the common rangefinder's models.

It is available in most departmental stores that specialize in cameras and camcorders.

Easy To Use

This type of rangefinder is easy to use since it easily fits into the average palm of an adult.

Its contour rubber grip at the top and bottom enables the user to have a firm hold on this type of range finder while in use. Its few buttons make it easy to learn how to use this type of rangefinder.


Its magnification strength is recommendable; its magnification strength is approximated to be about 6x; thus you can view objects within the range of 5-1400 yards. It is used by most professional golfers.

Additional Features

It has the dual display technology that helps its user to view images between the red light display and the black light display, the DDT technology enables this type of rangefinder to alter the color scheme of the image to match the lighting situation.


Its accuracy is dependable; this is because this type of rangefinder has the close precision for its targets, once you have hit your target a small vibration will run through the laser signaling that you have an accurate distance.

3. Bushnell Tour V4 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder

This is another model of rangefinder camcorders, and it is commonly used, golfers.


Its magnification strength is approximated to be 5x; therefore you can view images of objects within the range of 5-1000 yards.This is the main reason why it is used by most golf players.

Easy To Use

You can firmly grip this type of rangefinder due to its stable rubber grip.It has very few buttons thus you can easily learn on how to operate it by simply reading its manual.

Additional Features

It uses the jolt technology to find the range, with this type of technology, you can lock on to the proposed target with short busts of vibration and with a clear view.It legalized to be used in tournaments, e.g., golf tournaments; it also gives immediate measurements in yards and meters.

Size And Weight

It has an average size, hence can fit in most backpacks, due to its minimal weight you can easily carry it around your neck when it is stapped.

4. Bushnell Michael Waddell Bone Collector Edition 4x 21mm Laser Rangefinder

This is another model and product of the rangefinder.

It is mostly used by hunting enthusiast.

Size And Weight

This type of rangefinder has a relatively low weight; it is approximated to weigh about 11 ounces. It is, therefore, light to carry around your neck when it is strapped. Its of an average size hence can conveniently fit in most backpacks.


Its durability is recommendable, firstly, its waterproof hence can be used in all weather conditions; secondly, it comes with a warranty specified by its manufacturer, its color scheme helps it to blend with almost all habitats.It can, therefore, be used for more than hunting purposes.


It has an objective lens with the magnification ability of 4x; therefore you can view images of objects between 10- 600 yards.For very large objects such as animals(size of a cow ), you can view them from a distance of about 200 yards.

Additional Features

It has a unique LCD indicators that can easily read in low light conditions.Has a real tree extra camo design that makes it blend with most surrounding habitats.It also easy to operate since it has only two buttons.

5. Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt Rangefinder is the best type of rangefinders in the market.

It is mainly used by golf players, it available in most departmental stores that deal in this type of products.


It has a high level of accuracy in measuring distances; its accuracy is enhanced by its jolt laser and GPS technology.It has a magnification ability approximated to be 6x; therefore you can view the image of an object that is about 1200 yards ahead.


This type of rangefinder has a compact design, it has a warranty that is specified by its manufacturer, it is also waterproof; hence, it can be used in all weather conditions.

Size And Weight

It has a compact design, has a relatively low weight thus it easily fits into the palm of your hands.It can conveniently fit into a golf bag or backpack since it relatively small in size.

Additional Features

Its additional features include the LEDindicatirs that makes it easy to distances of the image even I limited light.It also has a vibration feature that signals you once you have locked your target.

Final Verdict

Rangefinders provide a clear and accurate view of our desired target objects; each range finder has unique features hence they are all recommendable; however, customers have specific needs that can only be met by closely evaluating on the different features of the rangefinders in the market.

A consumer can also evaluate the additional features of each type of rangefinder in the market and choose a product that meets his or her needs most.

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