Best 1000 Yard Rangefinder - Guide and Review

The 21st century is quite phenomenal. If our forefathers were to be reincarnated, they would think that they are in any other planet such as Pluto other than earth. This is due to technological advancement that man has made over the years. The likes of Isaac Newton would be so proud of the achievements we have made.

I wish that we had a way of congratulating these people, their noble ideas are translated into things that are hard to fathom.

Back in the day, they used to walk, we now have options, like taking a plane. I am quite sure on one thing, the future generations hold a lot of surprises for us, with the recent advancement in technology we should expect anything.

I consider the development of rangefinders to be one of the greatest inventions of man. The ability to see distant objects as well as record memorable moments in real time is something special.

Most of the rangefinders on the market have a measuring range of up to 500 yards. For those who are looking for advanced devices that can measure distance range up to 1000 yards, i have provided you with some reviews of the best rangefinders that you can buy.

Factors to consider before purchasing 1000 yard rangefinder

A buyer can use the following factors to choose a rangefinder that meets his needs.


This is an important factor to consider before settling for any the rangefinders in the market. Your intention when making the purchase is to get a rangefinder that has a 1000 yard range. It is paramount that you choose a rangefinder that has this ability.


There are different brands in the market; we have the common brands and much more, some which are not famous, a buyer should, therefore, be acquainted with most of the brands in the market.

Knowing the different brands in the market helps you to eliminate knockoffs. Popular brands include the Nikon and Bushnell brands.


The quality of rangefinders is quite exceptional; however, the rangefinders have different designs all suited to satisfy a given customer's niche.

The design has an influence on the weight of the rangefinder, where most long-range types of rangefinders weigh more. Prior knowledge on the different designs will help a buyer chose a design that meets his specific needs.


The magnification ability has a great influence on the type of rangefinder you choose. The choice of the rangefinder can also be influenced by the use you are going to put the rangefinder into for example long-range rangefinders have a magnification ability of about 7x or 8x; magnification lowers stability hence the higher the magnification, the lower the stability.

Best 1000 Yard Rangefinder


The display of a rangefinder is influenced by some factors such as the screen, clarity, and information color. The screen should be of a relatively large size so that it is easy to see the targets.

Recommend Best 1000 Yard Rangefinder

There are different types of 1000 yard rangefinders, here is a quick review of the common brands in the market.

1. Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Rangefinder

It is a popular type of 1000 yard rangefinder; it is therefore widely stocked in most departmental stores.

Size And Weight

It is a small sized rangefinder that can conveniently fit in most backpacks and even in your arm. It is easy to carry this type of rangefinder due to its small size and less weight.


In comparison to its features, this type of rangefinder is very cheap. It is, therefore, affordable to most average income earners.This is a major factor that makes this brand of the rangefinder very popular especially with golfers.

Ease Of Use And Safety

It is a compact type of rangefinder, easy to hold and use.Its displays on the screen are simple with no clutter. It is a single button type of rangefinder, with no complexities in on how to operate the rangefinder.

Distant Target Priority Mode

It has a multilayer coating that provides a high transmittance across the whole light spectrum hence giving a more natural view. The distant priority mode enables the rangefinder to display measurements of the furthest targets.

2. Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC 6 x 21mm Laser Rangefinder

It is a leading brand for the Bushnell type of rangefinders. The following are its main features.

6 X Magnification Ability

This type of rangefinder has a 6 x magnification ability. Its 21mm objective lens allows a lot of light in and can operate in all weather conditions, even when the daylight is not that bright.The 6x magnification and extreme speed precision technology allow accuracy for half a yard.

Ergonomic Design

It has an ergonomic design which gives it a cool look. Its design makes it easy to hold and use.The design ensures that it fits in most palms as well as there is grip when the rangefinder is in use.

A Unique Tripod Mount

Comfort is key when using any rangefinder; however , this type of rangefinder has a special stand to mount the rangefinder. You can, therefore, substitute holding this rangefinder with your hand and mount it on this stand.

Additional Verticle Settings

The verticle settings are aimed at making easy to operate the rangefinder using one arm.It also has the aiming circle reticle and a waterproof housing.All these factors make the rangefinder stand out.

3. Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 with Horizontal Component Distance Rangefinder

This is another type of rangefinder; it is very popular to game hunters.Here is a close review of its main features.

HCD Mode Of Display

It uses the horizontal component mode of display as well as an angle-compensated distance reading to give a precise display of the target.With the HCD mode, this type of rangefinder displays and makes accurate readings of the target. This is the main reason it is a preferred choice for most game lovers.

Multi-Coated Lenses

They deliver an optimal light transmission that allows the user to clearly see the target. The multi-coloured lenses adapt to the light settings of the location, for example when it is darker they allow more light.The opposite happens when there is more light.

O-Ring Seal

This is a seal that makes the rangefinder waterproof. The rangefinder can, therefore, be used in all weather conditions.The o-ring seal feature indicates that this rangefinder has durability qualities.

Cr2 Batteries

The recommended batteries for this type of rangefinder are the CR2 batteries, and they are last long hence the users will not worry about incurring additional costs of frequently buying batteries.

4. LaserWorks LW1000SPI Laser Rangefinder

It is a widely stocked type of rangefinder, and it is mainly used for game hunting purposes.The following are some of its outstanding features.

Range And Accuracy

Its range is approximated to be between 5 -1000 yards.It has a high accuracy level, in addition to that, it has anti-target ranging feature approximated to be 1600 meters

Compact Body Design

It has a compact body design that makes it have a relatively low weight, it is made of a strong plastic material that is environmentally friendly, this plastic material is also odorless.

Transparent Lenses

One of its unique features is the transparent lenses that guarantee its users a very clear view of the target. This feature is complemented by the fact that it also has a 6x magnification ability and the anti-target ranging of 1600.

Variable Measuring Ability

You can take different measurement readings with this type of rangefinder. It can measure distances in meters, yards, as well as it can determine speed.It is therefore of great use to game lovers.

Final Verdict

The different types of rangefinders in the market have desirable characteristics.Their features have extensively satisfied the niche of most buyers.

They are all recommendable; however, each buyer has a specific feature that you would want in a rangefinder, it is therefore important that you satisfy that need by buying the right type of rangefinder.

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